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Cases Handled
Case Description
Upper 10 porcelain laminates with lower
minor correction
Problem -
Crooked,Clipped, discoloured teeth
Results in younger smile.
Called non-surgical face lift
Should last for 15 years with regular maintainance and care.
Cost Rs. 1 lakh
Duration - 10 days
Upper 12 porcelain laminates with lower
minor correction
Cost Rs. 1 lakh
Duration - 10 days

Another treatment option :
Composite bonding to close the gap between the two front teeth. Gives compromised results compared to earlier option but will still look normal but
slightly compromised.
Cost Rs. 7500
Duration - 1 sitting of 3 hours
Severe crowding crooked teeth.
Porcelain laminates with a few root canals
Cost Rs. 1.2 lakh
Duration - 20 days
Excessive gums showing & gums with blackish pigmentation.
Crown lengthering procedure of Surgery.
Healing time 8 days
Cost Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 45,000
Duration - 1 to 3 hours
Gums showing yellow teeth worn out teeth
Advised full month rehabilitation
Bridges, laminates gum treatment
Cost Rs. 2.5 lakhs
Duration - 1 month
Tooth coloured filling
Cost Rs. 750 - 1200/-
Duration - 1 hour
Gum Correction & Smile Correction with Porcelain Laminates.
Cost Rs. 2 lacs only
Duration - One & Half Month or 6 sitting of one & half hours each
Before After
Crooked Teeth, Clipped Teeth, Discoloured Teeth Problem.
Porcelain Laminates with Teeth Correction Results in Non-Surgical Face Lift.
Gap between Two Teeth.
Upper Porcelain Laminates, Lower Minor Correction, Composite Bonding.
Severe Crowding Crooked Teeth.
Porcelain Laminates with Root Canal Treatment.
Excessive Gums with Blackish Pigmentation.
Crown Lengthening Surgery.
Gums with Yellow Teeth, Worn out Teeth.
Full Mouth Rehabilitation, Tooth Bridges, Gum Treatment.
Before Dental Treatment - Gap Between To Teeth.
After Dental Treatment - Tooth Coloured Fillings.
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