Special Offers

Following tabulation is showing the fees for different Dental procedures as of Jan – 2017 at Dr. MUKUL’s Dental Clinic ICDC

General Dentistry

Consultation Rs 500/-
OPG X-Ray (Full Mouth) Rs.1500/-
X-rays ( Per tooth) Rs 100/-
Extraction Rs 1000/- to Rs 4500/- per tooth
Wisdom tooth Disimpaction Rs 3500/- to Rs 15,000/- onward (Theatre charges General Anesthesia Charges extra)
Scaling: Complete with Fluoridation Rs 2,500/- Per Visit
Jet Polishing Rs 1,000/- to Rs 1,500/-
Silver Fillings Rs 2,500/- to Rs 4,500/-
Tooth Colored/ light cured Fillings Rs 2,500/- to Rs 7,500
Temporary Cement Filling Rs 500/-


Removable Partial Dentures Rs 7500/- onwards
Complete Dentures Rs 17,500/- to Rs 40,000/-
Repairs to dentures Rs 1500/- onwards

Pediatric Dentistry

Extraction of primary teeth Rs 1000/- to Rs 2500/- per tooth
Scaling: Complete with Fluoridation Rs 1500/- to Rs 2500/-
Jet Polishing Rs 1000/-
Pit & Fissure Sealants Rs 1000/- to Rs 2500/-
Tooth Colored GIC Rs 1,000/-
Light Cured Filling Rs 2,500/-
Space Mintenance Rs 7,500/- to Rs 10,000/-
Pulpotomy Rs 3,500/-
Pulpectomy / Primary teeth RCT Rs 5000/- to Rs 7500/-

Bridge/ Combination of caps

Temporary Acrylic Crown Rs 2000/- per unit (all-inclusive including cementation) No guaranty for facing
Nicr / Acrylic Facing Rs 5000/- per unit (all-inclusive including cementation)
Nicr / Porcelain Facing Rs 8000/- per unit (all-inclusive including  cementation)
Nicr / Porcelain/ full crown Rs 10,000/- per unit (all-inclusive including cementation)
Nicr / Porcelain /MLS full Crown Rs 15,000/- per unit (all-inclusive including cementation)
Metal Free ceramic crown Empress II / E-max Rs 12,000/- to Rs 18,000/-
Zirconium Porcelain crown 3M Lava 18,000 to 24,000/-
Heat Cured Acrylic Crown Rs 4000/- per unit (all-inclusive including  cementation) No guaranty for shade
Crown Cementation Rs 750/- per unit
Bonded Crown Rs 2000/- per unit onward
Root Canal treatment Rs 10000/- per tooth.(X-rays & Build-up+ MTA+ Metapex extra) Re-treatment Rs 15,000/-.(X-rays & Build-up+ MTA+ Metapex extra)
Gold Screw Post Rs 1500/- per canal X-rays & Build-up extra)
Composite Post/ Fibre post Rs 2500/- per post(X-rays & Build-up extra)
Fissure Sealant Rs 2000/- to Rs 4500/- per tooth
Bleaching per tooth / Rs 5000/-
Full Mouth Rs 18,000/- Rs 24,000/-
Laser Bleaching Rs 35,000/- to Rs 45,000/
Implants includes abutment. Crown is billed at the cost of normal crown in the same category (Prosthesis / Bone Extra) Rs 34,000/-


Metal Braces Rs 75000/-
Ceramic Braces Rs 1 Lakh to Rs 1.25 Lakh
Hybrid Technique Rs 1.5 to Rs 2 Lakh
Lingual Orthodontics Rs 2.5 Lakh
Invisalign Rs 1.25 Lakh onwards

Cosmetic Dentistry

Diastema Closure/Space Closure Rs 3000/- to Rs 4500/- per tooth
Central Complex Diastema Rs 7500/- to Rs 15,000/-
Composite Laminates Rs 7,500/- to Rs 15,000/ each
Porcelain Laminates Rs 11,000/- to Rs 22,000/-
Bite Raising Rs 50,000/- Onward
Composite Rs 5000/- per tooth
Ceramic Rs 7500/- to Rs 18,000/- each
Crown Lengthening Process Rs 3500/- to 5000/- per tooth. Full upper arch Rs 40,000/- to Rs 50,000/-
Smile Design Charges Rs 45,000/- per arch
Study Models / Treatment planning Rs 5000/- + Rs 5000/-
Wax Mock-ups Rs 10,000/-
Composite Mock-ups Rs 7,500/- Per Arch
Gummy smile correction Rs 50,000/- Per Arch