Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full Mouth Rehabilitation or restoration or construction as it is often called refers to the dental procedure used to address problems pertaining to poorly aligned jaws, missing teeth, broken and crooked teeth etc. The healthy functioning of human mouth depends on the teeth, jaws, gums, jaw joints etc functioning together in harmony. If one or more of the components get affected, then oral health is compromised.
Full mouth reconstruction typically comprises of a set of procedures each of which can be performed independently. But due to the presence of multiple oral problems, full mouth rehabilitation is performed. It is performed by general or restorative dentists and may include periodontists, oral surgeons, orthodontists and endodontists.

Ideal Candidate for Full Mouth Reconstruction

You are an ideal candidate for full mouth reconstruction if you have the following

  • TMJ (temepero mandibular joint) disorders.
  • Frequent headaches and/or migraines.
  • Chipped, Cracked or worn out teeth.
  • Frequently chipped or cracked dental restorations
  • Injured or Fractured teeth.
  • Ongoing complaints in jaw, muscles etc.
  • Unexplained loose tooth


Full mouth reconstruction may involve one or more of the following:
Restorative Dentistry: includes the usage of crowns, bridges, inlays or outlays etc. depending on the condition of your teeth.
Implant Dentistry: involves the use of dental implants to replace missing teeth.
Cosmetic Dentistry: involves the use of porcelain veneers, dental bonding techniques, teeth whitening and gum recontouring to improve the aesthetic value.
Neuromuscular Dentistry/TMD treatment: involves correcting malocclusion and bite problems and those related to tempero mandibular joints (jaw joints).
Bruxism treatment: involves addressing the problems related to clenching or teeth grinding.
Orthodontics: involves the use of Invisalign, spacers, braces, retainers and expanders for proper spacing and alignment of teeth.
Oral Surgery: such as root canal, tooth extraction and soft and hard tissue grafting.
Periodontal treatments: such as scaling, periodontal surgery, root planning.
Full Mouth Reconstruction differs from Smile Makeover as smile makeover is something you choose to do to improve your appearance whereas full mouth reconstruction is something that you need and can’t do without it. Full mouth rehabilitation aims to reconstruct every tooth in the mouth and requires services of highly qualified and experienced dentists. The results are amazing though the procedure might be extensive. Only your dentist or specialists would know what treatments are necessary to suit your oral needs. As such the costs would also vary depending on the procedures used. Hence it is very important to talk to your dentist before you start with the procedure. By blending neuromuscular dentistry with cosmetic dentistry we try to create smiles that are beautiful as well as healthy. To know more, fix an appointment today.